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SECOND EDITION – 10 to 16th September 2012 – Brasilia-DF 

Monologues and Solo Performances 
National and International spectacles, works in progress, work demonstrations, round-tables, lectures, book releases, installations, exhibits and masters-in-residence 

VOICES & ORIGINS – Sounds, words, songs, echos, pauses & silences 

In its second edition, SOLOS FÉRTEIS it is a festival and meeting of women on contemporary theater. It is part of The Magdalena Project – a dynamic and intercultural network, funded by Jill Greenhalgh in Whales 1986 – which makes easier the critical discussion and offers support and training to artist women, actresses, directors, researchers and performers. 

SOLOS FÉRTEIS was created to produce resonance and enhance the critical perspective, and to languages used and elaborated by women in. Since its birth, it engages itself in group on Brazil´s heart a increasing number of directors, actresses, thinkers and educators that invest on the theory and playing of solo performances, monologues, unipersonals, that emphasize the work with voice, body dramaturgy, with theatrical writing and group culture. 

SOLOS FÉRTEIS aims to stimulate the production of solos, attracting women which are daily renewing the conceptual, philosophical and linguistic panoramas of contemporary theater through the organization of a forum created specially to generate upgrading, exchange and critical thinking on that theater gender. 

To work with the theme “VOICES & ORIGINS – Sounds, words, songs, echos, pauses & silences”, we invited performers and directors from Brazil and abroad in which work with voice and singing, written words and authorial writing, body and personal geography, presence and silence are the base of their works, of the dramaturgies, researches, methods or traditions.


Acquire your SOLOS FÉRTEIS passport. The festival happens during six days on Brazil´s capital. 

Part of the festival´s programme (spectacles, performances, demonstrations and round tables) are free and open to public, while the other part is closed in regimen of immersion, keeping the intimate outline and the Magdalena Project profile, where participants, artists, guests and staff stay all together most of the time. 

SOLOS FÉRTEIS 2012 passport includes: festival kit with credentials for the whole period of the event - with priority in access and sitting for all events, open and closed; transport during the period on the proposed schedule by the production; participant certificate; meals (lunch and dinner, beverage not included) and one workshop with international artist – 20 working hours. 

Participants will be able to choose between the workshops leaded by up to two international masters from complementary traditions and interchange with results in the end. The goal is to have participant artists carrying abundant material for their future projects. 

This year there are only 40 places. Once the festival aims the incentive and promotion of the women scenic production, 80% of the open places are preferably for actresses, women directors, academic women, female singers, dancers, filmmakers and performers, selected by application and résumé. To promote a wider multicultural exchange between artists from other states and countries interested participants are offered accommodation on reasonable prices (with breakfast) near the venue of the event. 

This edition resident workshops are responsibility of the founders and members of the Magdalena network, as the actress, director and teacher of performance studies from Aberystwyth University, Jill Greenhalgh (Whales); Julia Varley (Odin Teatret – Denmark); Brigitte Cirla (Voix Polyphoniques – France), Helen Chadwick (England), Deborah Hunt (Maskhunt Inc., Theatre of the Futile – Porto Rico/New Zealand), Cristina Castrilho (Teatro delle Radici – Switzerland/Argentina), Ana Woolf (Magdalena 2da Generación – Argentina) e Verónica Falconí (Contraelviento Teatro – Ecuador). 

Cia. YinsPiração Poéticas Contemporâneas & 
TAO Filmes +55 61 8402 2696 / 8417 8167 / 9303 3907 / 33472787 
Brasília – Brazil 

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